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Brü hosts an assortment of events each month featuring happy hour specials, bier tastings, and soccer tournaments. Of course, to a German, the bier by itself is already a special thing. They also believe you get the most out of your brew by enjoying it with some friends. So check back here regularly to see what else we have going on.

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

$4 Drafts & Craft Cans

$5 Red & White Wine

$5 House Liquor

$5 Starters & Wurst Sandwiches

For those starting the fest early, from 4pm - 5pm all regular specials apply, plus 20% off all big bottles (500ml or larger) and single malt Scotch.

Football Matches

For Germans, football isn’t a pastime – it’s a way of life. So when we gather round for a boot and some ball, we don’t “cheer for our favorite team”, we bellow war cries for our brothers across the pond. World Cup events are coming soon but in the meantime, know this: There will be bier. There will be football. There will be victory.

Grab a stein and come watch Champions and Premiere League Matches. See below for details.

CBC '16, Take 9: Shelton Imports
Friday, May 06 at 4:00 pm
After a week of showcasing some of the coolest American breweries coming to town, we end the week with a world focus- sixteen taps from sixteen different Shelton Brothers Importers breweries, across ten different countries. This one will run all night, but get here for Happy Hour if you can, all drafts $4-5 bucks from 4-7pm! Dieu du Ciel Rosee d'Hibiscus Siren Vermont Tea Party De La Senne Brussels Calling Fyne Jarl Dunham Saison Rustique Trois Dames La Tentation Weird Beard Marianus Trench Magic Rock Highwire - Grapefruit Cloudwater IPA - Citra Baird Sasuga Bay IIPA Epic Hop Zombie Weissenohe Monkskeller Coniston Bluebird Bitter Amager Danish Metal Nogne-O Imperial Stout Folks from each of these breweries will be here at some point or another. We'll try to get the awards show on our giant projector screen as well... End the week in style :)
CBC '16, Take 8: Cascade
Thursday, May 05 at 10:00 pm
Cascade Brewing, pioneers of NW-style sour ales are coming to town, and we are thrilled to have them in our place for the night! Come say hello, and enjoy some of their complex, sophisticated barrel-aged wild ales: Apricot Blueberry Cranberry Figaro Kriek Manhattan NW Noyaux Sang Noir
CBC '16, Take 7: Prairie & Grimm
Thursday, May 05 at 7:00 pm
Prairie Ales and Grimm Artisanal Ales are in the house for an evening. We are so excited about this one, our beer guy just wet his pants. Prairie Bomb! Prairie Flare Prairie Standard Prairie TRVE Prairie Vous Francais Prairie Phantasmagoria Prairie Ape Snake Prairie Coffee Okie Prairie 3rd Anniversary Grimm Vacay Grimm Super Spruce Grumm Purple Prose Grimm Psychokenesis Grimm Tesseract Grimm Neon Lights Grimm Lucky Cloud *Note, for those that can't make it here before 10pm, some of these beers may stay on through the night, but no guarantees
CBC '16, Take 6: Fat Head's
Thursday, May 05 at 12:00 pm
Sneak outta the seminars (or work, if that's your thing), and put back a coupla pints with the good folks from Fat Head's Brewery! Longtime Pittsburgh brewpub-turned-Cleveland production brewery, the immense quality and impact of their beers has resonated loudly in the short time these guys have been pouring here in our market... so come check out their core beers, plus some hard to find treats: Head Hunter Sunshine Daydream Bumble Berry Sorcerer Goggle Fogger Head Shrinker Benjamin Danklin Confidentiality and Disclosure If you get here late you'll probly miss the crew, but hey, all drafts $4 from 4-7pm (while they last!)