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Brü hosts an assortment of events each month featuring happy hour specials, bier tastings, and soccer tournaments. Of course, to a German, the bier by itself is already a special thing. They also believe you get the most out of your brew by enjoying it with some friends. So check back here regularly to see what else we have going on.

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

$4 Drafts
All "old world favorites" from Germany, Czech Republic & Belgium, plus select local and American craft

$5 Wine
Red und White

$5 Liquor
House Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Tequila and Rum served neat, rocks, or single mixer

$5 Starters

$4 Bavarian Pretzels

For those starting the fest early, from 4pm - 5pm all regular specials apply, plus 20% off all big bottles (500ml or larger) and single malt Scotch.

Football Matches

For Germans, football isn’t a pastime – it’s a way of life. So when we gather round for a boot and some ball, we don’t “cheer for our favorite team”, we bellow war cries for our brothers across the pond. World Cup events are coming soon but in the meantime, know this: There will be bier. There will be football. There will be victory.

Grab a stein and come watch Champions and Premiere League Matches. See below for details.

Beer Week Pep Rally
Sunday, May 04 at 12:00 pm
We just turned one year old, and with the Broad St. Run happening as well as PBW approaching we figure what the hell, let's throw a party. And we are gonna blow the doors off this sucker! If you haven't seen our PBW calendar yet, we have a pretty full schedule. So what better way to kick off the season than invite them all for a group event! Every brewery featured during the week will have a line or two, and beers are ALL $5. No kidding, we are pouring full pints of everything over 7.5% to boot... and Das Boots of our German core brands are $20. We'll be rolling with an abbreviated menu of Sandwiches & Snacks, they'll all be $5 as well. Below is a lineup of what we are pouring, stay tuned any additions will be posted here, but for now we have a World Class selection of sessionable pale ales & Springtime Belgians... and a couple of ass kicking dark beers! Ace: Honey Apple Cider Duvel Moortgat: Duvel Single, Ommegang Game of Thrones: Fire & Blood Founders: Imperial Stout, Nitro Pale Ale Jolly Pumpkin: Fuego del Otono Allagash: White, Interlude Maine Beer Co: Mo Oxbow: Farmhouse Pale Ale Left Hand: Good Juju, Ambidexterous Step 6 Great Divide: Chocolate Yeti, Rumble IPA Breckenridge: Ophelia, 471 IPA ShawneeCraft: Belgian Dubble, Doppelbock Anderson Valley: Rosy Barl, Peachy Barl Lagunitas: Czech Pils, IPA The beer will be pouring at noon, but we've got a bunch of hosts to represent their awesome brands! We expect them all around 2pm, but beer people, y'know... The list includes: Matt from Shangy's (Ace Cider), Meg from Duvel Moortgat, Peter from Stockertown (Founders & Breckenridge), Kevin from Shelton Brothers/Jolly Pumpkin, Suzy from Allagash, Paul from Bella Vista (Maine & Oxbow), Left Hand Dan, Steve from Muller (Great Divide), Little R from ShawneeCraft, Ben from Lagunitas, and the man who spawned this great idea, Big R from Anderson Valley. Maybe they'll have a race or something fun... maybe they'll buy you beer, you gotta show up to find out! PS the trusty PBW Hammer of Glory will be here to fill all of your daytime drunk selfie needs