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Brü hosts an assortment of events each month featuring happy hour specials, bier tastings, and soccer tournaments. Of course, to a German, the bier by itself is already a special thing. They also believe you get the most out of your brew by enjoying it with some friends. So check back here regularly to see what else we have going on.

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

$4 Drafts
All "old world favorites" from Germany, Czech Republic & Belgium, plus select local and American craft

$5 Wine
Red und White

$5 Liquor
House Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Tequila and Rum served neat, rocks, or single mixer

$5 Starters

$4 Bavarian Pretzels

For those starting the fest early, from 4pm - 5pm all regular specials apply, plus 20% off all big bottles (500ml or larger) and single malt Scotch.

Football Matches

For Germans, football isn’t a pastime – it’s a way of life. So when we gather round for a boot and some ball, we don’t “cheer for our favorite team”, we bellow war cries for our brothers across the pond. World Cup events are coming soon but in the meantime, know this: There will be bier. There will be football. There will be victory.

Grab a stein and come watch Champions and Premiere League Matches. See below for details.

12 Days of Xmas
Saturday, Dec 12 at 12:00 pm
We are bringing this one back for another run. 12 days, 12+ barrel aged beers, with a keg or two tapped each day. All the kegs remain on tap until they kick. Note that this is not a sour event, but primarily sprit barrel aged stouts and porters, with some other styles mixed in. To kick this thing off right, we are tapping vintage kegs of The Bruery Sucre and Cuivre on 12/12 (full details for Bruery event here:, then each day we are tapping one or two more BA beers. We'll post a final calendar with the kegs/dates by the start of December, but here's what we are working with so far: 12/12: The Bruery Sucre, Bruery Cuivre (both 2014), 2SP Solera Nectar 12/13: Founders Backwoods Bastard, Wyndridge Bourbon Barrel Cider 12/14: Jack's Abby Bourbon Framinghammer (2014), Half Acre Gin Barrel Pony 12/15: Carton Shipwrecked, Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious 12/16: North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve (2013) 12/17: Lost Abbey Agave Maria (2014) 12/18: Allagash Aventereux 12/19: Firestone Walker Anniversary 12/20: Anderson Valley Huge Arker 12/21: Boulevard Rye on Rye 12/22-23: TBD *Please check back later for a final calendar. We may adjust the sequence of some of these posted kegs and add additional products based on some cool items we are hoping to secure in time. Also note that there are reports of bad kegs of '14 Agave Maria, if that keg is bad we will replace with a keg of something else.
The Bruery Spotlight & 12 Days of Xmas Kickoff
Saturday, Dec 12 at 12:00 pm
"You Can't Spell Bruery without BRU" Last December we hosted an event called The 12 Days of Xmas and Barrel Aged Beer. It went well... so well that during the course of the event when we were able to secure kegs of Sucre and Cuivre, we decided to sit them down and tap a year later... Well patience is rarely easy, but it's nice when it pays off. This year we are kick off 12 Days #2 with a The Bruery feature, including these two vintage solara brewed kegs, as well as Sour in the Rye, Tart of Darkness, Oude Tart, Tonnelerie Rue. See full details for the 12 Days event here: