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Brü hosts an assortment of events each month featuring happy hour specials, bier tastings, and soccer tournaments. Of course, to a German, the bier by itself is already a special thing. They also believe you get the most out of your brew by enjoying it with some friends. So check back here regularly to see what else we have going on.

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

$4 Drafts
All "old world favorites" from Germany, Czech Republic & Belgium, plus select local and American craft

$5 Wine
Red und White

$5 Liquor
House Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Tequila and Rum served neat, rocks, or single mixer

$5 Starters

$4 Bavarian Pretzels

For those starting the fest early, from 4pm - 5pm all regular specials apply, plus 20% off all big bottles (500ml or larger) and single malt Scotch.

Football Matches

For Germans, football isn’t a pastime – it’s a way of life. So when we gather round for a boot and some ball, we don’t “cheer for our favorite team”, we bellow war cries for our brothers across the pond. World Cup events are coming soon but in the meantime, know this: There will be bier. There will be football. There will be victory.

Grab a stein and come watch Champions and Premiere League Matches. See below for details.

Philly Beer Week 2015
Friday, May 29 at 4:00 pm
Here's a quick outline of our events at BRU and U-Bahn. Full details for each event will be posted individually. There will be heard the horns of triumph, and the death knell of defeat. Hope to see you out here! BRU 5/29 4-7pm - PBW Kickoff w/ Ommegang & Boulevard 5/30 2pm - Beer From Away: The Mainerd Event 5/31 12-4pm - Bal'More Brunch 5/31 6pm - The Return of Half Acre 6/1 4pm - Crimped Denim Jughandles: The Jersey Event 6/2 1-4pm - English Ales: Old & New 6/2 6pm - New Kid on the Block v.5: Alpine 6/2 10pm - Sours with Sam 6/3 1pm-5pm - Good Day, Sunshine: The Florida Event 6/3 8pm - Nothing Without Providence: The Colorado Event 6/4 4-7pm - NorCal Happy Hour 6/4 8pm - Fab Four: The Mighigan Event 6/5 2pm - New Kid on the Block v.6: Green Bench 6/6 2pm - The Captain & The Valley UBAHN 5/29 4pm - Old Naked Pizza: It's Our First PBW! 5/30 2pm - Picnic Under the Stairs w/ Weyerbacher 5/31 2pm-6pm - Guilding the Apple: The PA Cider Guild Forum 5/31 6pm - The Ox-Tail Intruders 6/1 4pm - Pucker up PA 6/2 6pm - Frecon out on the Saucony Creek 6/3 8pm - Underground Bierfest w/ Victory 6/4 4pm - Yinzers 6/4 10pm - Ill Swill Takes the Stage 6/5 4pm - Wyndahocken meets Conshridge 6/6 4pm - The Old Main Drag w/ Yards